Monday, November 25, 2013

ReportServer: Deleting Encryption Key in SQL Server Reporting Services Configuration Manager

Below are the steps to Delete the Encryption Key in SQL Server Reporting Services Configuration.

Before Deleting make sure you have taken a backup of your Current Encryption Keys. Click Here to see the procedure to take a backup if not already.

Step1: Go to Your Source Server Reporting Services where your Reporting Services are running, Go to Start—> All Programs—>Microsoft SQL Server XXXX(XXXX is your Microsoft SQL Server Version)—>Configuration Tools—>Reporting Services Configuration Manager. The Below Screen Appears. Enter the ServerName and Report Server Instance(MSSQLSERVER by default) and click connect.


Step2: In Reporting Services Configuration Manager, click on Encryption Keys Tab and click Delete to delete your current Encryption Keys .



Step3. You will get a below Pop Up. Click yes, if you want to delete the Keys,


Close the Reporting Services Configuration Manager and Restart the Reporting Services.

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