Monday, November 25, 2013

Reporting Server Error: The report server installation is not initialized

This is another Error related to Reporting Services.

You might come across this error after a fresh New installation of SQL Server Reporting Services or You have restored/Migrated a ReportServer Database as i described in my previous post.

Click Here to Check out the Migration/restoration of ReportServer Databases.

Once you are done with the Migration/Restoration of your ReportServer Databases you might come across this errors.

To Resolve this below are the two ways which i found out and worked for me.

Generally what happens is, whenever you Restore/Migrate Report Server Databases from other server, there would be a Entry Added in you keys Table in ReportServer Databases.

Firstly Run the below query to get the list of keys available in the Restored ReportServer Database on New Server

   1: Use [YourReportServerDBName] --Name of the ReportServer Database which you have restored

   2: GO

   3: select * from dbo.keys

You will get results like below. Along with a Entry for Your Current New Server Say 1NewMachine, you will be having a Entry for your Old server as well from where you did the Restore say 1OldMachine.


Make sure you delete the Entry for your OldServer by running below query. Replace the word <1OldMachine> with your Old Machine Name from where you did the restore.

   1: Delete from dbo.keys where MachineName = '1OldMachine'

Now Go to Destination Server where your SQL Server Reporting Services are running from which you have Migrated/Restore ReportServer Database to New Destination. Go to Start—> All Programs—>Microsoft SQL Server XXXX(XXXX is your Microsoft SQL Server Version)—>Configuration Tools—>Reporting Services Configuration Manager. The Below Screen Appears. Enter the ServerName and Report Server Instance(MSSQLSERVER by default) and click connect.


Go to Encryption keys Tab as shown below and click on Restore.



Select the source where you have kept the key which you have backed up from you source Server(Old Server) from where you have restored the database, provide the password which you had given during backing up of Key, and click ok. Your Key will be restored

Click Here to Backup the Encryption Key and Restore, if you have not backed it up earlier.



Close the Reporting Services Configuration Manager, Restart your Reporting Services and Try again. It should work.

If you get a Error: “An error occurred within the report server database.  This may be due to a connection failure, timeout or low disk condition within the database.Invalid object name ''. Could not use view or function 'ExtendedCatalog' because of binding errors”, Not to Worry, Click Here to Resolve this Error.

If Not, Delete the Encryption and Restart the SQL Server Reporting Services. It should work.

Click Here to get the procedure of deleting the Encryption Keys.

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